Floors you will live on and love for generations.

Marble floors are highly decorative and date back thousands of years. The timeless, natural stone was used by the Romans to construct a number of important buildings and builders have incorporated marble into countless mansions, churches, and homes. CFS marble is considered to be alluring, elegant, well rounded, and even affordable when it comes to using it for flooring. CFS Design team will be more than happy to give suggestions from its global sources.

CFS Marble products along with its installation technology will boost the appearance of any room with ease. It gives off a natural feel and a sense of sophistication at the same time. The natural colors are earthy while the brighter tones lend a sense of style as well. The shine to the floors can also give it that extra oomph! Marble floors are gorgeous, but so are marble staircases, fire surrounds, columns, countertops, or anything else. You have the our global sourcing options before you so look at them with care and enjoy whatever marble you end up with.